300 Series Modular

Now available with Bantam Jacks at no extra charge!

The Wiard 300 format was created by Grant Richter, first went on the market in 1999, and is now being manufactured by Wessex Analogue (since 2012), with an available option for Bantam Jacks. Over the years, the 300 Series has earned a loyal following of both professionals and hobbyists for its unusual approach, rich sound, beautiful panel graphics, and superlative build quality.

The modules are 6U high, and are designed to fit in a 19" rack mounting frame (6 across). These modules form an integrated analogue modular synthesizer system. There is no problem interfacing them to existing equipment, but they are designed to provide a synergistic set of functions when used together. Many features have been taken from dance music technology and married with features from the avant-garde. In addition, quite a few new features have been developed that are not available in any other system.

The 300 Series is NOT disposable technology. It was designed to have a long life as a cherished musical instrument. The modules are very sturdy and easily repairable in cases of component failure or moving parts wearing out, and DO NOT use any surface mount technology. As such, they are more than likely to out-live their owners. Enclosures and faceplates are aluminium. Most screws and hardware are stainless steel. Knobs are phenolic (like Bakelite). Each module is carefully hand-crafted to order, and individually tested and calibrated.

All 300 Series modules will require a high-quality ±15V power supply. Hinton Instruments FullPower supplies are recommended for ideal performance.

Find out about the individual modules below:

311C Controller

Dual JAG Controller Model 311C

New for 2013! Two JAGs, two polarity-switchable joysticks, two CV-controllable sine/cosine LFOs, and two five-mode digital gates on a 2U panel. An updated version of the 311B "New Controller" with many added features, and a robust all-through-hole build. More info


Sequantizer Model 321

8-step sequencer/quantizer module with voltage-controlled stage-select.
More info


Envelator Model 331

A dual, voltage-controlled envelope and chaotic function source.
More info

Classic VCO

Classic VCO Model 341

A classic, pure analog VCO.
More info

Borg Filters

Borg Filters Model 352

A dual Vactrol-based multi-mode filters/lowpass gates and 2 LFOs.
More info

Dual Mixolator

Dual Mixolator Model 361

A dual VCA/panner/modulator module.
More info

Woggle Bug

Dual Wogglebug Model 371

A dual random voltage and tone source.
More info



Some selected accessories and DIY parts are available for instant purchase. Other parts and accessories such as replacement pots, jack boards, Bantam upgrade kits, etc. are available on request. More info

Discontinued and Limited Edition Products and Information:

311 Controller

Controller Model 311

Two joysticks, voltmeter, multi-format mults. 2U panel. Out of production.

311B Controller

"New Controller" Model 311B

Two 1200 Series JAG PCBs, two joysticks, and two gate buttons on an engraved 2U aluminium panel. Very few were made. Out of production.

Waveform City

Waveform City Model 342

An analog VCO with digital (PROM-based) waveshaper. 256 waveforms with custom design software. Out of production.
More info

Omni Filter Model 352

A voltage-controlled, multi-mode, multi-output analog filter. Expensive limited edition. Out of production. (Originally called "The Filter".)
More info

General Module Specifications:

  • Signal inputs are 50k nominal impedance and accept ±10 volt inputs.
  • Signal outputs are 1k nominal impedance and supply ±5V audio outputs and 0-10V control voltage outputs.
  • Module Face panel: 2.83"(1/6 of 17") x 10.5"(6U) x 0.100" AL blue anodized with white silkscreen.
  • Patch connectors are bantam or 3.5mm jacks arranged as a 4x5 (20) matrix on 5/8" centers. Bantam jack versions are balanced compatible. 3.5mm versions are unbalanced.
  • The 3.5mm or Bantam jack unit is a PC sub-assembly with DIP jumpers to the main assembly.
  • Uses standard ±15V linear supplies. Other internal voltages derived from onboard regulators. Hinton Instruments FullPower supplies are recommended.
  • Power is suppled via rear mounted 5 pin DIN connector (uses standard DIN cables) non-MIDI terminal assignments are used.
  • This system automatically provides star power and ground distribution, which reduces crosstalk between modules.
  • Modules will stand alone on desktop, no exposed main PC board (Jack Board and LED board are exposed; 311C Controller does not have an enclosure).
  • Potentiometers are inside of enclosure to reduce problems with contamination.