Model 342 Waveform City

Waveform City

The Waveform City is OUT OF STOCK.

Please try the Classic VCO Module instead.


The Waveform City module starts with a Classic VCO core, and adds a digital waveshaping board. The waveshaping board is a DC-coupled non-linear function generator with 256 different transfer functions (arranged as a matrix of 16 X 16) selectable under analog control. The input is swept linearly by the analog sawtooth output. The primary function is to act as a PROM waveform playback unit.

This organizes the 16 X 16 matrix into "Waves" and "Banks". The Waves are organized into related 16 place "Wavetables". The position in the wavetable can be swept under voltage control. An envelope generator can be used to produce sounds imitative of filter sweeps, pulse width modulation, ring modulation and classic digital sounds. Special circuitry eliminates "clicking" on wave transitions. The non-linear function generator can also be used to process external sounds, whole patches and tracks.

Waveform City

The non-linear function generator can also act as a control voltage quantizer, taking a continuos 10 volt input and "remapping" it to various musical scales in a calibrated 1 volt per octave system. Additionally, non-linear synthesis is available and can replicate the function of modules usually called "Timbre Modulators".


• A three waveform pure analogue oscillator
• A digital non-linear function generator
• An Attack-Release Envelope Generator
• A Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
• A jack multiple
Bantam (TT) or 3.5mm jacks


Large Front Panel Image
Documentation (.zip file)