Model 331 Envelator



The Wiard 300 envelope generator, the Envelator, is a multi-function dual slope linear function generator. The module contains two identical units.

The attack and decay slopes are individually voltage controllable with input attenuators. Each unit ouputs the envelope, inverse of the envelope (negative going envelope), a voltage step signal during the attack phase, and a pulse at the end of the decay phase.

The three-position mode switch determines the function of the envelopes. When set to AR, the envelope will act as an AR envelope, maintaining full level until GATE [in] goes "low". In AD mode, the envelope acts as an AD envelope, and will begin decay as soon as the attack stage is complete. In Cycle mode, the end pulse is fed back to the envelope input, and will force the envelope to re-trigger. In this mode, the Envelator output functions as a shaped triangle waveform LFO. When in Cycle mode, the SQR output acts as a square wave LFO with the pulse width determined by the settings of the A and D controls. This output can also be used to clock the Wiard Sequantizer. Each envelope is individually switched.

The module also contains a DC coupled voltage controlled crossfader. The Mix control will cross-fade from the MIX1 and MIX2 input jacks, sending the output to the MIXOUT output jack. When the Mix control is used for the two envelopes in the Envelator, this control will allow you to create an ADSR. The positive outputs of the two envelopes are normalized to the MIX1 and MIX2 inputs.

The crossfader will also handle audio signal through the full audio range.


• Two Multi-mode envelope generators/oscillators which will work in the low audio range
• A voltage "crossfader" which will work both for control voltages and audio signals
Bantam (TT) or 3.5mm jacks


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